Video Backhauling Options

Wireless Video Backhauling Options

Different security video surveillance systems require different ways to store and transmit their data. Here at Sun-In-One™, we’ve made sure that our power kits can service any type and size of security system. All of our solar surveillance power kits can be connected via Ethernet. Our video backhauling options will transmit your security footage quickly and safely, with wireless transmission ranges of up to 3 miles.

Below are details about each of our video backhauling options, including suggestions about system size. Not sure which is best for you? Contact us and we’ll help you make the best decision.

Short Range FL WLAN Module

The FL WLAN Module is the module used for Line of Site backhauling. This is Sun-In-One™’s short range wireless backhauling option for small businesses/residential areas.

DC Operating Voltage 10 V to 36 V
Current 200mA (24 V DC)
Power Consumption 4.8W
IP Address assignment Default: BootIP
User name/ password Admin/private
24 V Digital output X3

Long Range Module

This is Sun-In-One™’s long range backhauling option which is capable of data transmission up to 3 miles away. This option is recommended for large scale video surveillance.

High capacity secure reliable wireless transport for long range data transmission
Durable all-weather enclosure as wireless monitoring and configuration features
Max combined Tx Power +30 dBm
RF Band (MHz) 470-698, 2000-2300, 2300-2700, 4940-5875
Capability LOS/OLOS/NLOS
Power/ Temperature < 17W (IEEE 802.3at) / -40 to 75º C
QoS 802.1p, 802.3x, CIR & PIR settings
Connections/ Surge Protection Ethernet (RJ-45)/  Built in 2kA discharge

Cellular Module

This is Sun-In-One™’s cellular backhauling option for users that want to view video surveillance primarily through mobile devices via a cellular network.

– Software defined multi-carrier cellular module

– 2G/3G CDMA fall back up to 900/1900 MHz

– DMNR and PNTM Approved

– 2 50 ohm female pin connectors

– 2 SIM Slots

– Local and Remote Management

– 2 RJ45 Ethernet Ports


*Depending on backhauling options, antennas or base units may also need to be purchased and may not be solar powered.

Please contact Sun-In-One for questions regarding backhauling options.*