Benefits of Solar Powered Security

Benefits of Solar Powered Security

Solar Power can be used just about anywhere, and can be used to power both AC and DC devises. It can be installed at the point of use and replace small generators, or in large scale applications to power entire islands. With a battery backup, solar power becomes extremely reliable, and can supply power even after a few days with little or no sun!

Reliable Solar Power


Solar Power can be just as reliable as regular On-Grid power. When paired up with a battery, some systems can last up to 5 days without sun! Our kits are designed to function 24/7 completely off of solar power without any gaps or loss of functionality. The isolated system our kits create means that your security cameras are immune to brown-outs and power outages. This means fewer potential holes in your surveillance system, and fewer ways for trespassers to access it.

Solar Security Low Cost

Low Overall Cost

Using solar power to keep your security systems running is extremely cost-effective. Our Solar Security Camera Power Kits are completely plug-and-play, meaning the only wiring you have to do is from our kit to your camera. There’s no need to spend thousands on digging trenches or planting posts to run wiring from your security camera to the grid. Our kits run 100% off of solar energy, which means you no longer pay utilities to keep your surveillance system active. The only maintenance they need is a yearly inspection!

Solar Security Enverinmentally Friendly

Evironmentally Friendly

With the onset of global warming, we all have to do our part to protect the environment and lessen our carbon footprint. Every action counts, and installing a solar system today can go a long way tomorrow. By installing solar power, you become less dependent on the grid, decreasing both your operating costs and your carbon footprint. Convert your surveillance system today to solar power, and you can help save the environment while keeping you home, business, facility, compound, or other safe.