System Integration

System Integration

Sun-In-One™ All Weather Security Camera Power Kits are completely plug-and-play, and can used to create a new security system, or they can be installed seamlessly into a previously existing surveillance network.

Our power kits can provide electricity for any systems running from 12 to 48 volts. We have specially designed our kits to be decentralized, so you can build a security system with unlimited scalability, capable of even terabytes of surveillance footage.

Sun-In-One™ Security Camera Power Kits will work with just about any security camera. Below is a list of the major brands our systems support. This list is not full, so if you want to find out if our solar power kits will work with your camera, just Contact us!

– Acti


– Panasonic

– Axis



– Thermal Radar



– Arecont

– Hanwha

– sightlogix

– Avigilon

– Mobotix

– Vivotek

Solar Power security camera system integration
Solar Power Security System Integration